About us

Private Parties are putting class into swinging.

We host a sensual menu of events, including the Lust Boat sexy cruises, masquerade balls, top-shelf dinners and even mile-high flights.

All of our events are by invitation only, with all care being taken to make sure our nights are balanced, classy, sexy and fun. Women will always outnumber men at our events and we pride ourselves on making sure everyone has a great time.

What they say about us

  • codtop Fantastic crew! Attended the wine tour/Lust Bus and had the time of my life! I'll definitely be hitting up more! codbot

  • codtop We attended the lust boat & met some wonderful people. If you're fortunate to be invited to such an event you'll have an enjoyable time in a friendly & safe environment. Thank you guys for inviting us, we look forward to the next invite. codbot  

  • codtop We went to the Masquerade party on the boat, a well organized event great fun, friendly, safe and most enjoyable. codbot  

  • codtop This genuine, amazing and gorgeous couple...rock the most amazing party...WOW! If you see 1 advertised, you MUST attend!!! They know how to party and they know how to sex it up!!! 2gether are great and I have the best time with them, big kisses xxx. codbot

  • codtop Gavin & Michelle are absolute rockstars who sure know how to throw a party.. Had a legendary night we wont forget in a hurry and cant wait for the next one...CHEERS GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xx xx xx “ “ These guys know how to set up a fantastic event! Attended the Vineyards event, and had the time of my life! Hit them up! codbot

  • codtop If you get the chance to head along to one of these awesome events, I promise it will be a highlight for a long time to come. We'll organised, sexy people and fun fun fun. codbot

  • codtop Lust Boat was the Best fun you could ever have on the Swan River. A perfect night, perfect boat. Well organized and the most amazing people invited. I would recommend getting on board for their events. codbot

  • codtop These guys are a load of fun and organise an awesome party. Class and fun all the way! If you get an invite you should definitely go. codbot

  • codtop Incredibly well done events, my fave was the lust boat, it was really a floating palace of hedonism with just the right people in attendance, lovely organizers and exceedingly well done events on land or water! codbot  

  • codtop Amazing, classy parties held by an awesome couple, if your lucky enough to be invited to one of these events you definitely wont be disappointed. codbot